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TLC workshops give ANYONE and EVERYONE practical skills, invaluable information, confidence and support when it comes to looking after someone who is dying. You may work in health care, be caring for a loved one or feel drawn to this kind of work, whatever your motivation and experience, you are very welcome.

These TLC workshops can be tailored and delivered to teams in Businesses, Care/Nursing homes, Hospices, Hospitals, Support Groups, Communities and in-fact, ANYWHERE.

TLC - Tender Loving Care - covers topics such as how to hold a loving bedside vigil, deep listening skills, supportive gentle touch and key information about the 4 stages of dying, all from the view point of Soul Midwives. We are non denominational, supporting all faiths and none.

Please email me for more information and all the finer details about the individual training and business rates. Soul Midwives up and down the country are running these courses and although the content is consistent, the delivery, handouts, extra material and special touches may vary, and therefore so do the costs.

This is not training to become a Soul Midwife. If you feel that you would like to become a Soul Midwife however, attending these TLC Training days can contribute to the start of your journey. Feel free to reach out or visit for more information.


"I really feel I know a great deal more about the nuts and bolts of why there are the reactions we see at each individual death now and although I truly agree that most of our actions as carers at the time are mostly intuitive ,it’s a real bonus to have a tool bag to draw on and a picture of what is actually happening within the elements stages that we must all go through to begin our onward journeys from this life" - Mrs S.S

"Just completed 3 TLC courses with Katie and it was absolutely brilliant, extremely informative, beautiful executed and learnt so much not only about TLC but about myself too, very thought provoking in a wonderful way. Katie is a great trainer in every way and delivers the courses in an heartfelt and compassionate way and makes you feel very involved. I can highly recommend taking this course, it’s been life changing for me in so many ways" - Ms G.H

"I don't know where to beginning. All the TLC courses have been amazing, and no matter what background you are coming from ie: medical, none medical, something that interests you, something you have been drawn to or something to enhance, these courses are made for you.
What makes these courses special is the passion, the engagement and honesty that Katie brings to each course. For me the time goes far too quick as I can honestly say that I could sit and listen to Katie all day.
My path was meant to cross with Katie, which started off as a teacher/mentor in order to follow the journey into Soul Midwifery but I can say from the heart that Katie has now become a friend. 10 out of 10!" - Mrs K.G

"I cannot recommend Katie's online TLC training highly enough! I feel like I have learned SO much in these three concise courses - not only about how to be there for the dying and their families - but also about myself, and my own experiences with death and dying. Katie's is an excellent teacher, with a wealth of knowledge and experience. The enthusiasm and passion she has for her work is almost palpable.
I would recommend the TLC training to everyone, not just those looking to work specifically in end of life care. These courses share invaluable knowledge that everyone should be privy to.
Whether it's talking about her own experiences or giving practical advice Katie is open and highly informative.
More importantly, she has the ability to speak directly from the heart - a gift that not only makes her an amazing individual, but also means that we end up learning so much more than we ever anticipated"- Ms S.H


Our founder, Felicity Warner, introducing this deep and soulful training for anyone supporting someone who is facing the end of their life.


In 2017 The National Council for Palliative Care praised our TLC Compassionate Community Project for the “quality of the love it gave to the dying”.

The TLC programme is a simplified, hands-on version of Soul Midwifery, which sits perfectly within mainstream care settings and statutory services.

In 2019 it was implemented by Dorset NHS, where it is being offered to all End of Life patients within the county’s community hospitals.

TLC training has been funded and endorsed but CCG (Clinical Commissioning Groups) and Public Health in different areas in the country and is recognised by the GSF (Gold Standard Framework)

Holding Hands


TLC Training days can be adapted to suit your business needs. If you are interested in having TLC delivered to your business, are wanting to empower yourself and your staff to offer exceptional End of Life care, then please get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.
Community events can be found at the top of this page and booking is available via Eventbrite.
Please forward all queries below. I look forward to hearing from you and will get back to as soon as possible.

07921 860572

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