A funeral celebrant is the main host of a funeral/celebration of life or memorial; someone who officiates at the service on behalf of yourself or your family and friends. Often non-denominational, a funeral celebrant will support the creation of the service and work with you to shape your bespoke ceremony. Always allowing for a personal, unique, loving and comforting service for all to remember and cherish.



Being a Soul Midwife and supporting the dying, I have attended, and contributed to, many funerals over the years. Recently, more and more people were asking me to officiate their funerals. As some of you will know, I consider my voice my super power! Add that to my passion, my ability to communicate openly and honestly, my strength in connection, and my deep and extensive understanding of this world, how could I not embark on the obvious next step of this wonderful journey. I have completed my training and qualified with The Academy of Modern Celebrancy.


You don't have to use a funeral director. 

A Funeral Director cannot tell you what you should or shouldn't do or what you are or are not allowed.

You can have a direct cremation/burial and then a service/celebration/memorial at a later date.

You can make your ceremony as unique, personal and individual as you like.

It is ok to add music, humour and personality to a funeral.

You do not have to follow tradition or expectation.

There are a million ways to create the most loving and heartfelt funeral services nowadays, And using an independent celebrant, that you connect with and who understands you, is one of them.


Because quite simply, I get it.

I have worked around death and dying for nearly 10 years in palliative and hospice care, in the community and a 1:1 companion as a Soul Midwife. I have been to and read at many funerals. I am an honest, authentic, soul who has the ability to connect and understand you in a way not many other celebrants can. The funeral you organise is more than just a formality, it is something you will always remember, something special you want to gift to your family and most importantly, it is the poignant moment you remember and pay respects to someone you love. I can make that an open, genuine affair, with heart and soul by telling the world all about your very special person. Not only can I do that clearly and eloquently, but also with compassion and personality. I can deliver you a heartfelt, human and connected service that supports you and those you care about. 

This isn't just my job, I am truly aligned on the path I am meant to be on in this lifetime. This is who I am. And I get it.

"Today I said goodbye to my husband John Groves BEM, it was the most beautiful funeral I have ever attended. it was perfect in every way and a lot of that was down to the loving and caring way in which Katie conducted the service. Tonight I am sitting here on my own in our little flat, not sad but totally at peace with how today went. I cannot recommend Katie highly enough, she just got us, got John and got his service absolutely right. Thank you Katie from the bottom of my heart"

"My Grandmothers recent funeral service was conducted by Katie with great dignity and professionalism. Not only did she deliver the tribute, she was able to add her own words which summed up my Grandmother perfectly. Her help prior to the service was invaluable, offering practical and helpful advice. We will forever be grateful for the kindness she showed us as a family and would absolutely recommend Katie without hesitation"

"As a family we have known Katie for years and were so pleased when she agreed to conduct the service at my mums funeral last week. Katie was born for this as she is the most caring and compassionate person. She carried out our requests perfectly and as she had cared for mum in the past she was able to add her own personal memories. We couldn’t have asked for a better goodbye to a much loved family member. Thank you Katie, you’re kindness helped us through a difficult day"

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A funeral can also be known as a 'Celebration of Life' or Memorial service. It depends on the style and tone of the service you are wanting to create. A funeral can be held before someone dies if they wish so they can attend. A funeral is an opportunity, a moment, a symbolic event. It is a time for family and friends to gather and share in the love and respect they all have for the person that has reached the end of their lives. Some people opt for a 'direct cremation/burial' and have no service. Some chose to do it directly but have the biggest celebration afterwards, the choice is yours. I can help you understand your choices and options. Because trust me, you have many!


There will be a cremation or burial in a crematorium or burial ground. The service/celebration/readings can be held ANYWHERE. You can hold services on beaches, in halls, social clubs, hotels, gardens, pubs, at home, even arenas and sports grounds. The possibilities are actually endless. A celebrant can conduct your funeral and read your loving script or eulogy ANYWHERE. Where you hold a funeral can add to the personalisation of such an important occasion. The location, venue and surroundings can comfort and support you in many ways.


If you have chosen to use a funeral director, they can find you a celebrant or you can get in touch with me directly. I will liaise with them, you don't need to worry, then I come to meet you (or we meet via zoom) This is where I get to hear all the wonderful memories, funny stories and interesting moments of your loved ones life to create a script to read for everyone on the day. We chose readings, poems, music and any other elements you would like to add. I get to know them, and you, and make it as YOU want it as best I can for the bespoke service you are hoping for.


Some people may have bought and paid for funeral plans, you will need to contact the companies they have used to get the ball rolling. Some plans may include a celebrant. You can still chose to use a different one and call me if you wish, we can figure it out together. You may have used an undertakers who are often funeral directors as well. It does not matter if you have made no plans at all, call me and I can support you and signpost. 

Also think about this for a moment, who is the funeral for? By that I mean think about the person who has passed away and those attending? And of course, think about YOU. 


After someone dies, you may wish to contact the funeral directors straight away, you may wish to wait a minute before you start to make your own arrangements, You might not know that there is actually no rush in those first few days. It can take a couple of weeks for a date at the crematorium/cemetery/burial ground and time and dates may be venue dependant. That's OK. Also, you do not have to have the cremation/burial on the same day as the service. You can have them separate and in different locations if you wish. The time in between is where we piece together the perfect service or ceremony for you, your family and friends. We can do this as quickly or as slowly as you like before the day arrives.


We have funerals as a way to mark someones passing. We do it because it allows us the opportunity to say goodbye and emotionally, we hope it can offer some kind of closure. A funeral supports our grief. A funeral can give the deceased a chance to say their own goodbyes and some use it as a chance to be sure they are remembered exactly as they want to be. We do it because it's tradition. The truest and oldest reason for having a funeral is actually to deal with the body that is left behind after the soul has left. A funeral can be the start of a journey for many or it can be the end for some. We have funerals because we want to share our love and have one last chance to be with that person in some way. Because of all these reasons, how we do a funeral and having the right celebrant can make the world of difference.