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Hand Holding Branch

Having lost may wife to cancer not so long ago, it seemed strange to cross paths with Katie in March 2021. After chatting for a while about what she does, I truly wish our paths had crossed sooner. Just having that neutral person to be with my wife at a time when all my efforts were just making sure she was fed, washed and comfortable would have been so helpful. Having Katie there to support her soul would have been priceless knowing in my heart that maybe there were conversations that we didn't have or may have missed. I am sure Katie could have guided us and defiantly made it less stressful. Talking to Katie now has made all the difference.

Mr C

Purple Rose Ring

You are worth your weight in gold but gold can't buy that passion and that skill and that presence that you have. Between you and gold, I'd chose you everytime.


Tea Time

I am so glad I found you Katie. You have no idea how much you have helped me and my situation. Just talking to you I feel more confident in being able to walk this path and support my self. Having someone like you involved in my care is exactly what I needed. Everyone should have a Soul Midwife. You are always honest (which is sometimes hard to hear) and I always feel supported and held by you, I know you have got my back. Thank you.

Ms W

Field of Chrysanthemums

Hi my names Linda and would like to tell about how Katie came into my life . Over 3 years ago my 61 year old hubby was given 3 months to live with cancer . I needed help so a care team was put in place .One of the team was Katie ... Very good at the care side of looking after my hubby but it went a lot deeper .. Katie showed an amazing love and kindness to myself and my family through a very sad time . She did my reading at my hubbys funeral for me as I was too upset to do it ...she popped in to see me many times since his passing just to see how I was or needed a shoulder to cry on.. Katie became a real close friend to myself and my family caring and checking we were all ok . 
I now have a poorly mum ... she is 85 and Katie helps me care for her mum loves her kindness and compassion that she gives her and she looks forward to Katie’s visits just so she can talk about her life,her fears of getting old, her worries for her family . Something within Katie puts my mum at ease .Also Katie has such a jolly nature it really does rub off onto people she is around . My mums not going to get any better but going through all this with Katie by our side gives us both comfort . She truly was sent from heaven to earth as an earth angel.


Wine Composition

To lose a loved one is the most heart wrenching thing we will experience as human beings. The different emotions we go through are phenomenal. I really felt I was prepared as an adult for my fathers pending death at 87yrs old. I thought rationally that the circle of life was a good concept to believe in as he was so ready to die. I couldn’t have been so wrong. This is for me where a Soul Midwife can step in with their very unassuming, unobtrusive but overwhelming power of truth, honestly and belief in the universe that links our life and our death. All this I learnt from a very special lady, a Soul Midwife whom I’m lucky to call my friend. Katie walked into my family’s life’s through our work in the hospice, we are specialists on the community team who care for end of life patients who choose to die in their own homes.
Katie came to look after my father Don and help with personal care, no mean feat as my Father was a law unto himself. Katie ignored his grumpy manner, the barriers he put up she took down piece by piece and became his confidant and his friend. So much so, he looked forward to seeing her to have the conversations they had as this was his saving grace. He had started to let go of his life as he could not bare the loss of the woman he had loved for 65yrs to Alzheimer’s. My father wouldn’t complain but he’d say “I sit here day after day going over the date with your mum fifty times” he was mentally and physically tired. So Katie’s visits were his escape, her wit, their banter, all gave him a purpose, a purpose she gave him. My father passed away with my mum and I at his side at 2.15 am on 4/01/19 
I didn’t think to ring Katie at the time but somehow by the morning she was with my mum and I scooping us up as our world our universe shifted, never to be the same. Katie attended my fathers very small funeral, he was an atheist and this was his wish, only people that knew and loved him. I watched Katie across the room, in my own grief I saw hers and was really touched. She hadn’t know Don long but equally as she had touched his life, he had touched hers and that made me proud he was my dad and that’s the gift Katie gave me as mine and my fathers relationship was complicated. So to me people who are going through loss all need a Katie in their journey for she is one of those selfless individuals we hopefully meet along the way xxxx


Holding Hands

I first came into contact with Katie through her hospice care. My wife had a terminal brain tumour. Katies ability to read the situation was incredible. Ones thoughts are not ones own during such a difficult time. 
But Katies whole approach gave us such strength. People don't ever discuss death. It's not something we do. And our thoughts are so often misguided. We had such confidence and trust in Katie that we were able to talk about when "that time" came and have a much better understanding. Death will never be easy. But I honestly feel that if people were aware of people like Katie and the work they do, then the hardest goodbye you will ever say, can be said in the knowledge that our loved one is being passed on to other loved ones they just haven't seen for a while. I will always love and miss you H. Till we meet again x


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