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Dying for a Cuppa
The Masterclass
Coaching Course for Professionals


Do you want to be a connected, more understanding, self aware and compassionate death care professional?


This coaching program is to help and support anyone wanting to create or enhance a career in death care. You may be an end of life companion or celebrant, you may want to be at the bedside or work at a funeral directors. You may work in health care already or be brand new to this side of life. Whatever your professional situation, these videos will encourage you to really take a look at what it is YOU want and what YOU need to do to get there.


It is not a business marketing workshop and I do not tell you how to build your business. I designed this to give you the personal tools to figure out what YOU need to do and how YOU do it. This is to help you help others, and truly be able to care for the dying, the bereaved and their people. This has come from my own 10 years experience in end of life care, building my own business as a Soul Midwife and Funeral Celebrant and my own spiritual, mental and emotional growth.  


We go through how to have a deeper understanding of yourself, on different levels from different perspectives to allow yourself to move forward and in the best way that works for you.  We also cover the important aspect of knowing your worth, charging for your services and financial exchanges and how to get what you need, want and deserve.  The last video is about you looking at yourself and understanding your limiting beliefs. This may challenge what you think you know about yourself. You’ll be encouraged to examine what you feel about your own experiences with death and dying and ultimately what you will bring to the table in your own death care business and career.


Like I said, this is not a business module, it is a coaching course to enable you to be the best you you can be and how to own it in your most authentic and truthful way.  After going through all 3 modules you then book in an hour long 1:1 with me to answer any questions and we can talk it out and go over anything you feel you need.


Remember with all of this you also get the complete CPD ACCREDITED death education course - Dying for a Cuppa™️ - The Masterclass, the supporting workbook, ALL bonus content and the ‘Me, my care, and I’ spiritual holistic care document too.


You will need to complete The Masterclass before we commence the Coaching Course .​

Lets be clear...

The ‘Professionals’ coaching course is NOT

  • Me giving You the answers

  • A business module 

  • Marketing advice

  • A clear cut ‘how to’ of business 


The ‘Professionals’ coaching course IS

  • Questions - who/what/why/when/where and how - all about you and your business/goals

  • Compassionate advice and guidance about how to be the best human you can be, to make your business the best it can be

  • A way to look at yourself, like a mirror, of what you need to do to move forward and what limiting beliefs might be holding you back

  • Real life, non jargon, human to human, heart to heart support  

  • Awareness of self

© 2023 by Katie Costello - Soul Midwife and Funeral Celebrant. All right reserved.

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