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Dying for a Cuppa™️ The Masterclass

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Dying for a Cuppa™️ - The Masterclass is heartfelt, human, death education for all. Following my 10 years in end of life care, having been with hundreds of souls as they have left this world, I have created this training that enables everyone to understand the natural process of dying and how you can support it. Open, clear, honest information delivered with kindness and compassion. This training looks at death not from the clinical perspective but from the human one; death is not a medical event, it is a natural part of life. Dying for a Cuppa™️ was set up and designed to create a safe space to talk about death and dying. It evolved due to covid into online sharing and connection where I realised how much everyone needed and wanted this information. Death and dying are not talked about enough, we don't know where to look or who to ask and we don't know what we don't know. With 11 videos, nearly 4 hours of educational content, sharing key information, hints, tips and understanding, alongside the workbook, you will have all the vital information you need to look after a dying person. It is real, honest, factual information that can help EVERYONE learn about death. It will help you prepare and be more aware about what death looks like, what happens to the body and why and offer comfort and support about all the natural elements and stages of death. Dying for a Cuppa™️ - The Masterclass has no affiliation with the Soul Midwife School or diploma.





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