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Dying for a Cuppa™️ - Coaching for Professionals

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The Coaching for Professionals program is made up of 3 intense, deep, thought provoking videos of coaching, empowerment and connection. Also they are full of end of life career information, where to work, how, what you need to know and the questions you need to ask yourself and others. After completion of all 3 videos and having done the work they require, which is writing down and answering all the things the course asks you to think about, we then meet for a 60 minute, 1:1, mentor session. All you need to do is email me when you complete the course to book. This coaching program is to help and support anyone wanting to create or enhance a career in death care. Whatever your professional situation, these videos will encourage you to really take a look at what it is YOU want and what YOU need to do to get there. It is not a business marketing workshop. I designed this to give you the personal tools to figure out what YOU need to do and how YOU do it. This is to help you help others and truly be able to care for the dying, the bereaved and their people. I am contacted all the time about how I created the work and career I have in end of life and this is how I did it, and still do it. If you want to invest in yourself, understand yourself and are prepared to open up an awareness within yourself, this will absolutely do this and then some. It will motivate, inspire and empower you and your business and give you a deep insight in to what an end of life/death/funeral career can look like. This program is self paced with no time limit or expectation. This program does not include the CPD accredited Dying for a Cuppa™️ - Masterclass death education. There are some references made in the videos to the Masterclass and the death education that that course provides. Dying for a Cuppa™️ - The Masterclass and Coaching for Professionals program has no affiliation with the Soul Midwife School or diploma.





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