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Dying for a Cuppa

The Masterclass


A CPD ACCREDITED Death education from a human perspective; to help and educate us to support the dying, to learn all about what dying looks like and to understand the dying process. 

'Dying for a Cuppa'  started out as a death cafe style community offering in 2019. A space to talk and share openly, about all things death and dying, with a cuppa and cake. Thanks to the craziness of 2020, I took these sessions online to Facebook and it became an open forum to share honest information, valuable insight and real life truth about Death, Dying and Funerals.


It was obvious how beneficial and appreciated these sessions were.

So many people needed and wanted to learn and understand, both personally and professionally. I put all my years experiences, knowledge, learning and training into one Masterclass for anyone and everyone to get their own death education in

 'Dying for a Cuppa' - THE MASTERCLASS



Funeral Arranger/Hospice volunteer 

'It's brilliant. Concise, factual, clear and very informative. I've learnt so much from it. It will be my bible going forward to help me with volunteering'

Dying for a Cuppa - The Masterclass

This CPD accredited training includes the following content


11 comprehensive training videos (nearly 4 hours of in-depth valuable content) to watch at your own pace. All jam packed with education, information, insights and understanding. All delivered by Moi, with my usual honesty, heart and enthusiasm.


We cover 4 main topics, all in detail, from every imaginable angle - Emotions, Communication, Eating and Drinking and The Body

24 Page Death Information workbook that integrates with the video content. Full of hints, tips and nuggets of wisdom. 

4 pages of bonus content (only available when investing in the full course) including a useful 'Who's who?' and practical checklist.

4 page Spiritual Care Document - 'Me, My Care and I' - A working document to use with your people to make your religious/spiritual/holistic needs and wants known and understood. This can be very beneficial for life, as well as death. 

Personalised CPD Certificate

The full investment for this certified course is just £333. 
'Wow, I am not quite sure where to start. This course is inspiring and brilliantly put together with content that was both refreshing and challenging. I did understand a lot of the modules and have some awareness of the different processes involved in death and dying. learnt some new and helpful ways to offer the support needed and when appropriately step in with suggestions and helpful advice. I am so grateful to you for giving me confidence to work and become more involved in this much need area of work'


And that's not all...

'Me, My Care and I'

This FREE 4 page document is designed to help all of us decide what supports and soothes us from a spiritual and holistic point of view in times of need. Created to support the dying, or terminally ill, which can be used alongside Advance Care Planning (ACP) and making our wishes known. It helps health care professionls, as well as our own people involved, in the care of the dying. This can be be used by anyone, at any time, of any faith, if applicable

The Workbook

A 24 page workbook full of key information, valuable insights and practical hints and tips to help you support someone at the end of thier life.  This is the Masterclass workbook ONLY; there is no extra video support, explantion or access to the bonus content. 


​This workbook is available to download for just £33

DFAC pic ideas-4.png

Coaching for Professionals

 I receive requests for support and advice about working in end of life care and building a practice or business in this field, all the time. So, here you have it!

I have carefully crafted 3 deep, intense, specific coaching videos -

'Questions you need to ask yourself', 'Motivation and Knowing your Worth' and 'Your own feelings about death' and we then meet for a 60 minute, 1:1 Mentor session..  


This is almost EVERYTHING you could possibly need, to grow within yourself AND delve into this end of life world in a professional way. 

There are 2 ways to complete the Coaching for Professionals. You can enroll with the CPD Accredited Death education Masterclass or without. The Coaching for Professionals is now available as a stand alone program.

This course is certified and accredited by The CPD Certification Service - the worlds largest leading independent CPD accreditation institution.

CPD accreditation means this training is of a high industry standard, exceptional value and meets all essential educational criteria. 


Feedback from CPD Assessor - "This is approved as it is a comprehensive course that covers every aspect of the process of dying

from every imaginable angle, an emotive subject, delivered by a Soul Midwife"

CPD Certification Number 48935 

'Dying for a Cuppa' is a registered TradeMark. All right reserved. 2023

© 2023 by Katie Costello - Soul Midwife and Funeral Celebrant. All right reserved.

Katie Costello

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