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Face to Face and Online Training
for your business

Not all Funeral Professionals have witnessed the dying process.

Not all Nursing Homes know how to be 'present' when someone dies.

Not all Hospice staff can have the conversations.

Not all hospital wards can recognise when someone starts to actively die.

Not all health care professionals can talk about death

Not all Care Agencies/Carers know what to do when a person becomes less well

But they can and they should. For them and everyone they support.

The CPD accredited Masterclass has been designed to translate into face to face/live online training.


All video content is delivered by me personally - in person or via Zoom, in an interactive, motivational, energetic and empowering 6 hour workshop.


All complete with printed workbooks, extra handouts and formal CPD Certificates. 

This can also be broken down into smaller modules if this supports your business and teams needs. 

Whether you would want one 'End of Life Champion' in your organisation, or to train all your people in every branch, we can ensure your teams are educated, supported and equipped with the tools both personally and professionally to support the living, dying and bereaved.


You can invest in your teams to support and empower them both personally and professionally, and why wouldn't you given the emotive nature of death and funeral care?


Why would you not wanyour teams to be expert?

Your business/company/team then provides a higher level of care, compassionate expertise, and increased awareness to everyone they support.

Every day really is a school day when it comes to supporting the dying. We are all so unique. Each of us is one of a kind.

This is the only accredited death education course of its kind.

Please do get in touch to discuss your business training needs and daily rates.


We can have a discovery call over the phone or via Zoom if you wish. 

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Katie Costello

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