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A 24 page workbook full of key information, valuable insights and practical hints and tips to help you support someone at the end of thier life. 


This is the Masterclass workbook ONLY; there is no extra video support, explantion or access to the bonus content. This is only accessable with investment into the full Masterclass where there is nearly 4 hours worth of video content including all the finer details, extra information, training and additional learning. If you do chose to invest in the full course, you will not receive a discount for the workbook purchase and will be required to pay the full amount. 


COPYRIGHT - This workbook is designed and created by Katie Costello - Soul Midwife and Funeral Celebrant.


When purchasing this workbook, and all Masterclass content, you agree that full copyright belongs to Katie Costello - Soul Midwife and Funeral Celebrant 2023.


All rights reserved. 


Dying for a Cuppa™️ is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.

WORKBOOK ONLY - Dying for a Cuppa™️ The Masterclass Information booklet


    © 2023 by Katie Costello - Soul Midwife and Funeral Celebrant. All right reserved.

    Katie Costello

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